A boutique management company based in Toronto, Canada, LeftyLou Music provides innovative and creative solutions, guidance, marketing, and career management for music makers. LeftyLou Music also offers Campus and Community Radio promotion and music industry event planning.

Lori Hirst, aka LeftyLou, facilitates BS Fridays Toronto, a popular monthly
networking and mentoring group for music business professionals and self-managed artists. 

An entrepreneur, Lori LeftyLou Hirst has used her ingenuity and determination to build successful businesses both in and out of the music world.  A lover of music, and a self-professed studio junkie, Lori has performed as a singer-songwriter, producer/executive producer, radio promoter, panel moderator, music industry festival co-ordinator and event planner. Her varied experience in the world of business and the music industry brings a necessary understanding and insight to various musical and artist situations as a music manager.

Lefty Lou Music is a member of The Music Managers Forum. www.musicmanagersforum.ca